Mario Giorno - Artist, Truth-Teller and All-Around Miscreant

Top Secret Profile

Name: Mario Salvatore Giorno.
Aliases: Doctor G, G, G Money, Pain in the Ass.

Height: 5'6" (5'7" with heeled dress shoes, 6'3" with ego).
Weight: 170lbs/77kg (has officially entered fat, lazy slob territory).145lbs/70kg (has happily left fat, lazy slob territory and entered outofshapeville). 180lbs/81kg (back up to fatsville again).
Eye color: Brown.

Parents: Extremely disappointed.

Wife: At wits end.

Siblings: Still complaing he takes too long in the bathroom.

Place of Birth: Vineland, New Jersey, United States, Planet Earth.
Currently Resides In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Planet Earth.

Grade School: Rossi Elementary School (1st grade), St. Mary's Regional School (2nd-8th grades).
High School: St. Augustine Preparatory School.
College/University: Rowan University (nee Glassboro State College and later Rowan College).
Degrees: Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree specializing in Radio/TV/Film Production.

Current Employer: University of Pennsylvania, specifically the Annenberg School for Communication.

Likes: Storytelling, comics, filmmaking, illustration, web application development, fine art, fine dining, fine wine, let's just say the finer things in life.
Dislikes: Ignorance, bullying, people who generalize, people who rhetorically break everyone down into two discreet groups of people, and the British.

Political Leanings: Liberal, progressive, commie, pinko, socialist, democrat.

Major Vices: Laziness/sloth, web surfing, and watching political news broadcasting (Damn you MSNBC! Daaaaaaaaamn you!).